Picking lines are used for hand separation of variety of materials, for example wood, cardboard, paper, metal, textile, plastic, glass and more. They consist of conveyor belts and disposal shafts.

DB ENGINEERING Picking lines can be equipped with electro pneumatic or hydraulic activated valves in disposal shafts to prevent turbulence, as well as to close the shafts when the space underneath them is empty or unused. Picking line Enviro-Cabin can be delivered with one or two-layered casing as well as without casing with complete lightning, connection points, air conditioning and heating.

We build multiple other different assorting line configurations dependent on what they are going to be used for. Every assorting line is built in modular sections, which allows for easier expansion if necessary.


DB Engineering conveyor lines have a wide spectrum of use. They can be used to transfer different types of materials, from trash, paper, wood chips, earth, gravel, sand, stone, compost and every other loose material, to homemade or factorial garbage. It’s available in many different versions of design and conveyor line constructions. Most common types of recycling applications contain conveying chains, canal line conveyors, adjustable conveyor lines and bridge conveyors with steel plates. Different types of engines are also available.


Feed hoppers can be made in multiple types and configurations. All configurations of belt hoppers are meant for constant flow of material into a variety of devices and systems.

DB ENGINEERING hoppers are designed so they have different input speed so they can be controlled independently from the central unit. Either electronic or hydraulic engine can be used. That goes towards all types of hoppers. Filling of hoppers is possible via conveyor line, loading shovel or excavator.

Advantages of DB ENGINEERING Feed hoppers are: low maintenance, compact size, high performance, adaptable towards every kind of material, highly durable construction.

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