Semimobile container screener DB-80 is intended to screen 99% of loose materials. Thanks to its construction is intended to be transported by a hook lift truck. It is equiped with two conveyors, and the screening of fractions becomes more comfortable. The ability of changing the sizes of the final fractions anywhere, quickly and easily thanks to its durable meshes, optionally from 4mm up to 80mm.


Technical specifications for Traserscreen DB-80 
Engine - included electronic oscillator (kW)5,5kW
Length (mm)7920 (5270)
Width (mm)2500
Height (mm)2780
Mesh count2
Mesh dimensions (mm)1800 x 1800
Conveyor - middle fractions
Length (mm)4200
Width (mm)400
Power input2kW
Height (mm)1790
Dopravník - malá frakcia
Length (mm)4700
Width (mm)600
Power input2kW
Height (mm)1960

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